Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we still have that goal to reach, task to complete, mission to accomplish, now what? You are determined but it feels like the odds are stacked against you. So how do you bounce back, keep looking forward, remain positive, regain your mojo?

Honestly, I often struggle with this too. As we go through transformation in our business and personal life, it is not uncommon to face challenges relative to the spectrum of the areas in which we grow.

One of the necessary qualities that we need to survive in business and in life, is RESILIENCE. According to Entrepreneurship research, resilience in entrepreneurs is one of the key drivers of their business growth and sustainability. But, what does it actually mean to be resilient? And how can one become more resilient?

Firstly, I prefer to call it GRIT. Because that is how it felt starting out as a fledgling entrepreneur with no money, underdeveloped business acumen and loads of determination to survive. The Cambridge Dictionary defines GRIT as, “very small pieces of stone and sand”, wait not that one, but rather it is defined as “courage and determination despite difficulty”. 


Young tree emerging from old cut down tree stump to show grit and resilience


The year I was enrolled for a full-time MBA, was one of the hardest years of my life. It was the first time I was engaged in a full-time, intense programme of study as a mature student. Being a mom of 3 young children and business partner, I felt immense pressure to keep all the areas of my life intact and still excel as a student. I found students unravelling around me as the pressure of doing 11 courses on masters level, exams, assignments, and a thesis, included a full-day of class interaction and then, group work. This tested us on so many levels. That year, my younger sister who had been fighting cancer for a while, underwent brain surgery and later that year, sadly, passed away. It was rough.

Through this tragic time, I readjusted my expectations and refocused my energy in order to pay attention to what was needed, plodding along to the finish line. All I could think of at the time, was to pray for courage, comfort and strength of resolve to finish what I had set out to do. I reframed my view of success, to one that suited who I was at that moment in my life and for what I could manage.


Lessons on resilience that I have learnt…

  • Acknowledge your feelings and situation, it is uniquely yours and who you are is how you will deal with it,
  • Be willing to adapt to change when your circumstances change and start looking for ways in which you can take advantage of those changes,
  • When in doubt, consider your strengths and abilities. What are you good at? When do you feel competent? Then, think about how you can capitalise on that?
  • If you are having a low morale day, then choose one activity that you can do on that day, however small, that will benefit your business,
  • And, lastly,…count your blessings and write them down, yes gratitude journaling works!


Keep building your resilience, one block at a time!