Business Wellness Coaching for Entrepreneurs
With Dr. Kariema Price (PhD).

Purpose | Passion | Possibility

I help women in business to gain clarity, confidence and direction. Together we focus not only on your business goals,but also explore your personal growth and wellbeing.

I’m Dr Kariema Price and I am passionate about the personal growth and career development of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself for more than two decades, I have earned my stripes, learnt the hard lessons and become familiar with the practical nuances of business management.

I believe in coaching as a means to explore your fears, hopes and dreams in a way that is mutually beneficial to you and your business.

I offer my experience as an entrepreneur having transitioned through the phases of start-up, growth and expansion to those seeking to work on their business and identity as an entrepreneur. I also offer guidance to women and mature students navigating the balance between family, career and academic life.


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UCT Graduate School of Business

“I felt so inspired and motivated to move forward and concentrate on my
business again. I had all these loose ends laying around in my mind and when the business coaching was completed, they were all connected to one another and organised in a way that made sense again”

– Unaizah Toffar, SERUNA, Fashion Entrepreneur







“This was just what I needed! It was not just informative but practical too. I was able to immediately implement the tools provided and could see immediate results! Kariema not only listened to my concerns, but took the time to understand my industry as well. This means she could totally relate and offered appropriate advice in each instance.

– Zubayda Hendricks, Travel & Tourism

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